Phonenumber-lookup.info is a worldwide, realtime FREE service enabling you to lookup the mobile network, curently location, or if number is ported of any MSISDN number on the worldwide GSM network,or mobile number within the US and Canada.
   Lookups are available as manual web queries; now only for mobile network,in future will be possible lookups for fixed numbers.

   With Phonenumber-lookup.info you can find out:
      Phone number live / not live;
      IMSI (the subscriber's identity number);
      MSC (mobile switching centre);
      Original mobile network;
      Current ported mobile network;
      Current country.
Is available for most international networks.

What is HLR

   HLR is short Home Location Register, represents a database that contain informations about subscribers of a mobile network worldwide.    HLR contains information like the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) and mobile station international subscriber directory number (MSISDN) for each subscriber.
   Other data stored in the HLR are:
      - GSM services that the subscriber has requested or been given.
      -GPRS settings to allow the subscriber to access packet services.
      -Current location of subscriber.
      -Call divert settings applicable for each associated MSISDN.
   HLR data is stored for as long as a subscriber remains with the mobile phone operator.